Direct Primary Care is revolutionizing the way
we think about healthcare.

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What does it mean to be a member of a Direct Primary Care practice? Rather than signing up for a waitlist or awaiting insurance approval, you’re joining a dedicated, affordable healthcare community. Membership is simple and easy to sign up for, with no pre-qualifications and no insurance necessary. Our patients can get started right away with the benefit of same or next-day appointments as well as telehealth availability.




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Membership Benefits

Let’s take a closer look at what a Coronado Health DPC membership has to offer.

Simplifying Healthcare

Most Primary Care Clinics

Affordable Membership

Set membership fee, no co-pays, or surprise bills

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Flexible Appointments

Same day or next day appointments with flexibility around your schedule

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Longer Appointments

Longer appointment times to address your unique healthcare needs

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Open Communication

Direct access to your doctor when you need it through phone, text, or email

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Patients-first Approach

A doctor/patient partnership dedicated to fostering a positive, lifelong relationship

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In-house Labs

In-house labs are available as part of our affordable healthcare membership

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Direct Primary Care membership empowers patients in their personal health and wellness journey. By removing barriers in the traditional healthcare model, we’re able to provide affordable healthcare and accessible healthcare for all, regardless of insurance status, pre-existing conditions, or household income. Join our community today to discover more about how the DPC model is putting patients first when it comes to comprehensive medical care.

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