Empowering Your
Weight Loss Journey

Listening to the needs of our bodies and aligning our goals with a healthier lifestyle takes time and support. Dr. Tsui specializes in weight loss management and obesity medicine by empowering patients with sustainable goals and tangible results.

Personalized Weight Loss

Each patient’s journey looks a little different. During your appointments with Dr. Tsui, she will address your weight loss experiences, goals, and design an appropriate plan to reach your desired weight. At Coronado Health Direct Primary Care, we’ll address your weight loss experiences and desired outcome. Together, we will determine your next steps and optimal goals for realistic lifestyle change.

Community Questions

See what questions our community is asking about weight loss management and obesity medicine.

Is There a Specific Weight Loss Program or Diet That You Recommend?

Great question! We’re firm believers that the best diet is the diet that works for you. As a result, we don’t subscribe to any one plan such as intermittent fasting, high carb, low carb, or paleo, etc. We tailor our recommendations to each patient based on your goals, body type, overall health, and what type of weight loss program is most sustainable.

Our team supports healthy lifestyles rather than short-term diets.

Will I Be Given a Plan and Told to Follow It?

Seeking guidance with weight loss and obesity medicine can be challenging. After all, we’re entrusting our precious health to someone else’s expertise. Dr. Tsui takes a collaborative approach in developing a weight loss management plan. When our patients are involved in the process, we often see the best and most successful long-term results.

We want to get to know you and your goals! Bring us your aspirations, struggles, what motivates you to live your best life, favorite foods, and anything else you’d like your doctor to know as you begin this exciting journey.

I Am Severely Overweight/Obese. Am I a Good Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery (WLS) is certainly an option for obesity management. Dr. Tsui is happy to assess whether or not WLS may be a good fit for your journey during your consultation and subsequent follow-ups. Both WLS and nonsurgical weight loss management require a long-term commitment to care and wellness, as well as a dietary and lifestyle change. Luckily, because we specialize in lifestyle management, your doctor can help align your diet and daily routine with your personal health goals.

I Only Need to Lose a Few Pounds. Can You Help Me Achieve That Goal?

Absolutely! Whether you need to lose a significant amount of weight or simply want to shed 10-15 pounds, our team is here to support you. Dr. Tsui offers personally tailored recommendations for building muscle, improving metabolic function, and leading a more active lifestyle. These key wellness tenets are designed to support a variety of patients in their health and fitness goals at every stage of the weight loss journey.

How Successful Are Your Weight Loss Patients?

Our patients are highly successful in not only losing weight, but keeping the weight off and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A direct care model prioritizes quality healthcare with longer appointment times and an established doctor-patient rapport. Elevated accessible healthcare empowers patients in meeting and maintaining their goals.

Is a Comprehensive Weight Loss Program Covered by My Membership?

Yes! We offer a plan for those seeking to embark on this journey. Your membership at Coronado Health guarantees that you’ll receive ongoing weight loss and obesity management treatment alongside an experienced medical team. Dr. Tsui understands that empowering patients in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight positively impacts overall wellness. As a specialist in preventative care, Dr. Tsui is passionate about providing accessible weight loss programs for uninsured patients through our transparent, simple, and comprehensive membership options.

What Does DPC Mean for Me as a Patient?

DPC stands for Direct Primary Care, with an emphasis on the direct. The DPC model is creating accessible healthcare for all by cutting out the red tape. Instead, we focus on a patients-first approach with affordable healthcare solutions through our membership program which operates on a flat rate fee schedule.

No surprises. No waiting for an appointment. Just simple, quality healthcare.

I Don’t Have Insurance. Can I Still Make an Appointment?

Absolutely! The DPC model is designed for uninsured patients. We know our patients are so much more than an insurance card number. By offering direct-to-you healthcare services, we’re cutting out the middle man.

No insurance, no problem.

How Quickly Can I Be Seen by Dr. Tsui?

Our patients are our priority and so is their time. We want to get you in quickly so you can begin your personal wellness journey as soon as possible. Our team is proud to offer same-day or next-day appointments. Give us a call and we’ll work around your schedule.

Do You Offer Telehealth Services?

If you’ve been searching for “DPC near me,” you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Tsui offers flexible scheduling options as well as telemedicine services. We’re committed to meeting patients where they’re most comfortable, whether that’s our welcoming office environment or the convenience of your couch.

What If I Need Labs Done?

When we say affordable healthcare, we mean it! There are no hidden costs or fees at our clinic. Affordable labs are part of the DPC package. There’s no pre-approval needed, pre-screenings, or prior health assessments involved to qualify for our membership program. Your time is valuable to us as is your health.

I’ve Never Seen a Weight Loss Doctor Before. What Does a Medical Weight Loss Plan Look Like?

Great question! Weight management and wellness plans look different for every patient because every body is different. You can expect a personalized consultation, treatment plan, and ongoing support for your personal health goals. Dr. Tsui, a fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Internists, is board certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine. Our approach goes beyond the number on the scale to focus on long-term health and sustainable wellness so our patients can thrive and enjoy an active lifestyle.

How Long Is Each Appointment? Are DPC Appointments Shorter Than Average to Maintain Costs?

It might surprise you to learn that longer appointments are a tenet of the DPC healthcare model. We want to truly understand your goals and get to know our patients. That’s why Dr. Tsui offers comprehensive visits that range from half an hour to a full hour. If you have a question or a concern between appointments, we’ll get back to you promptly via text, email, or phone.

Healthcare is an ongoing conversation and we’re honored to be a part of your personal wellness team.

That Sounds Great! How Do I Get Started as a Patient?

Take a look at our pricing breakdown and membership benefits. Once you’ve chosen a plan that best suits your healthcare journey, our team will get you scheduled with Dr. Tsui.

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